Temple Pharmacy

  • We are independent, family owned, vested interest in welfare of patients and business.
  • Can special order most anything, and quickly .
  • Compound human and veterinary products.
  • Deliver.
  • Do oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs, beds,lift chairs, and bill medicare and insurance for qualified customers have respiratory therapist on staff for oxygen, nebulizers, cpap, bipap, etc, who visits oxygen patients monthly, checks not only equipment, but patient also.
  • Have emergency service for our patients around clock and holidays.
  • Take time with our patients to give information/counsel.
  • Discount merchandise gift catalog, no shipping/handling charges, guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Carry 'alternative medicine' products, from ear candles to aroma therapy, quality vitamins, nutritionals, and can special order most anything.

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Contact Information :

Temple Pharmacy
103 Farley St.
Kane, PA 16735
(814) 837-6611

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